Jasper, AL Discusses New Animal Control Ordinance

A new animal control ordinance was discussed at the Jasper City Countil meeting in Jasper, Alabama June 2nd. Fortunately, the town did not turn to breed-specific legislation to deal with their animal control issues. One resident pushing for this law found false information on a website and tried to present this misleading information as fact. Here’s what Brent Toellner from KC Dog Blog had to say about this:

Jasper, AL is going to pass a new dangerous dog ordinance — and even though a couple of residents want it to be breed-specific, it won’t be. This is good news of course, as breed-specific laws are not effective — and it’s good that Jasper is following what most cities have done when looking at the subject objectively and not passed BSL. The other part of this story is that the resident pushing for this used dogsbite.org a a source — which then caused them to get all confused about reality and tried to note that 40 states have breed-specific laws. The real number here is 1 — not 40, and 14 states have laws that PROHIBIT breed specific laws. But hey, don’t let reality get in the way of a good opinion.

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