Seward County reinstates BSL

Seward County, Kansas takes a step back in the wrong direction……

Posted on July 6, 2011 by Bless the Bullys|

I just spoke with the Seward County clerk with respect to last night’s Board of Commissioner’s meeting. Under consideration by the County Commission were the following:

Option A: an ordinance that allows, but regulates the ownership of, pit bulls;
Option B: an ordinance addressing all vicious dogs, regardless of breed; and
Option C: reinstatement of the a total ban of pit bulls.

The Board passed 2 resolutions last night.

After repealing BSL this spring, the Board chose Options A – to allow pit bulls in the county but under strict regulations. In essence, reinstating BSL.

The second resolution passed was Option B, an ordinance that would address all vicious dogs, regardless of breed. Obviously, Option B, which designates any dog as dangerous based on its behavior rather than its breed, would serve the community well on its own. Unfortunately, the Board felt the need to address “pit bulls” individually, thus implying, at least to me, that they have little faith in the ability of their animal control officers to effectively carry out the law.

The resolutions have not been signed and will not become formal until that time. The Chairman is on vacation and, as such, both resolutions will likely be signed next week.