Dagwood - American Bulldog

Talk about a precious boy! Dagwood is soooo sweet. This poor baby was dumped at a kill shelter. Thankfuly with lots of help we were able to find him a foster home.

Dagwood is now in foster care with 2 other dogs and cats. He loves everyone! His foster mom says he is very smart and a quick learner. They are very impressed.

Just look at those pleading eyes, it’s impossible not to fall in love with this boy. He’s truly adorable in every way and so fun loving.
We expect Dagwood is going to be a pretty big boy. His feet are HUGE! He’s a healthy growing boy and we think he’ll reach 80+lbs as an adult.
Dagwood has a super sweet personality. He’s very cuddly and wants nothing more to snuggle in someone’s lap. We don’t excpet it’ll take too long for someone to notice this great boy and want to take him home. He’s perfect!