Nikon - American Bulldog

Wow! That’s all we could say when we laid eyes upon this stunning boy. Nikon is absolutely one of the best looking boys we’ve ever seen. He is a purebred American Bulldog that wound up on deathrow in a kill shelter.

Nikon is not only goregous on the outside, but he is a TOTAL sweetheart too. He’s truly the “whole package”. This boy is very effectionate and loooves people. He knows no stranger and is very social.

He is also good with other dogs. Nikon loooves the ladies and would be thrilled with a female canine companion to share his days with.
Nikon is currently in boarding where he is getting lots of socialization with other dogs, but he would sooo much rather be in a home. He’s hanging in there and keeping his spirits up, but we can’t wait for him to be back with a family that will commit to him for the rest of his life.

Nikon is going to make some lucky home an outstanding companion.