Bull Terrier - Ted

Ted is brand-new to our program! We’re still getting to know him. He’s a smallish bull terrier at 38 lbs with a beautiful brindle. Ted LOVES treats. We hear from his foster dad that he’s a cuddler and loves his people. Ted’s seem some action in life and we’re not terribly sure of his past but we know he deserves a great future! We’ll be posting more on Ted soon. As you can see in his pics Ted is having to wear the dreaded cone. He’s just gotten all of his “stuff” done so he’s going to need some time to recover and get comfy enough for us to really get to know him. We’re hoping he’ll be well and available for adoption soon!

Location –
Ted is currently fostered with Jesse

Weight –
38 lbs.

House Manners –

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Sponsor Needed