Humane Society – Greater Kansas City

3 years

Housebroken and crate trained


Good with some dogs.  Cats unknown.

Sponsor needed

About Zora:
1. Zora is a very good judge of a human character.
2. She loves Puperoni. It is the way to make her your friend.
3. She loves doing the zoomies in the yard.
4. Wants you to open the shed for her to let her in to look around.
5. Loves to roll in a dirt pile in the yard.
6. She enjoys long walks.
7. Is very easy to walk on her harness. Doesn’t pull unless she finds a good smell in the woodline.
8. She loves belly rubs if she trusts you.
9. Likes to play peek a boo with a blanket.
10. Does not tear up toys nor bedding.
11. She loves to be told that she is a pretty girl.
12. Loves having between her eyes rubbed.
13. Is house trained if gotten out on a schedule.
14. She takes treats gently.
15. Knows commands: Sit and down
16. Loves a soft quiet place to nap.
17. Loves to sleep in a sunbeam.
18. Easy to bathe in a kiddie pool.
19. Zora is a good judge of doggie character, too. Zora walks nicely with other dogs and is tolerant of them.  She could coexist with another dog but prefers if they stay out of her face.  She’d prefer to be the only pet though because she loves attention.
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