Location –
Bluebird is currently being fostered by Darren G.

Weight –
50 lbs.

[tab title=’Training’]
Bluebird is housebroken and kennel trained. Check out her skills in her video!

Children –
Good with children

Other Pets –
Good with most dogs, not good with cats

Sponsorship Status –
Sponsored by the Goodman Family, in loving memory of Sadie.

Update from Bluebird’s foster dad:

When I got Bluebird, I was a little concerned.  I knew she had issues and was going to need some rehabilitation but the issues I thought I had to face turned out to be very minor issues.  Bluebird is so eager to please.  She is a very loving and loyal dog, very energetic and loves to be outside playing.  If she can’t be outside, her next favorite place to be is on a couch or bed, cuddling.  She loves chasing squirrels and if she can get up in a tree she will. No joke — she climbs trees.  She is very obedient as well.  She sits and stays very well. She will also shake sometimes even when not asked. She has never had an accident in the house, but the trash can be a little too tempting for her sometimes.  We just have to keep any potentially good smelling trash out of her reach.  If you are looking for a dog to train for agility courses or something similar, Bluebird would be an excellent candidate for that, but she makes for an excellent family pet too.  She greets visitors with a very enthusiastic bark.  She doesn’t bark alot and she would never harm anyone, but uninvited guests will think twice before entering her house without welcome.  She walks well on a leash and loves to get attention from everyone she can. As I said before she loves to cuddle.  She will lay as close to you as possible.  Sometimes even right on top of you :-)  Fair warning — you may wake up burning up hot.  She is a great heater and it never gets too hot for her, but she will move over for you when asked.  Bluebird has SO much personality, I don’t really know where to begin.

Bluebird really only has two potentially problematic characteristics.  She has a skin infection called mange.  It is NOT contagious.  It is a mite that lives in hair follicles and while most animals’ immune systems are able to fight it off, Bluebird’s immune system needs help.  She gets medication added to her food 3 times a week.  I would estimate this cost at about $20 to $25 a month.   Other than that medication, she needs no extra medical treatment.

She LOVES people.  I wouldn’t keep her with cats unless you are extremely experienced with dogs.  Other dogs can be considered if you have experience with bully breeds.  She has been living with an extremely passive male for two years now with no problems.   She has never shown any aggression towards people.

I can’t emphasize how much personality this dog has, much less describe it.  And despite how overwhelmed I was to confront her problems at first, Bluebird has been a pleasure to have.  It will be an extremely sad day for me when she gets adopted, but an equally happy day as well.  She deserves a good family.

Bluebird’s Story

To look at Bluebird absolutely broke our heart, and upon spending time with her it hurt even more as we realized how completely sweet and amazing she was…. How someone could allow her to suffer like this was beyond all comprehension to us. Bluebird was covered from head to toe with demodex mange. Due to complete lack of care, this had led to skin infections as well. The pain she must have endured from all of those lesions is unfathomable….. Bluebird was also very thin and needed to put on several pounds to be at a normal weight.

Fortunately, we found Bluebird a wonderful foster home that is completely dedicated to nursing her back to health. She is on a very strict medical plan and will require many ongoing vet appointments, medications, and a special diet until we can get her back on her feet. Your support is greatly appreciated!!!

I am now a joyful blue pit bull! But, upon rescue, I was pretty broken. I didn’t have much hair, and most of the hair I did have would eventually fall out. I was rescued with demodox mange, a form of mange brought on my stress and malnourishment.

I was picked up as a stray in Leavenworth, so my story remains untold. When I was taken in, they were unsure about if I was going to live or not, but when my foster mom met me at Leavenworth Animal Control, she knew that we would fight together for my healthy and safe recovery. You’d never know by looking at me now that just a short while ago, I barely made it. But, I persevered! And, now I am a healthy, bouncy, happy pit bull who loves everything around her.

I love my foster brother, the neighborhood dogs and their humans. I am playful – I love to chew up tennis balls, chase birds, go for walks, learn obedience, and play.

My absolutely favorite thing to do is to get snuggly on the couch with my foster dad. I have nailed spooning and love to get as close as possible and put my head on his chest. I’m pretty good in my crate, too, I just find it a bit boring and would much rather be out and about with my foster brother.

I am still working on my recovery, but everyday I am better and better.