• Lula when she was first rescued

  • Security cam photo after being dumped

  • Security cam photo after being dumped

  • Security cam photo after being dumped

Foster home

Young – (1-2 years)

Fully housebroken

Great with kids

Good with dogs, would like a doggy sibling. Cats possibly.

Sponsor needed

A little back story on Cholula (Lula)…

Lu turned up at an empty cabin looking for people and comfort. When she found nothing but an old dog bed and an empty bowl, she waited there for an entire week while the property owners watched helplessly on security cameras from 5 hours away. It was apparent to Lu that she had ended up at a place occupied by folks who loved dogs, so she made herself at home and held out hope that someone would return soon. She slept on the bed, sheltered from storms, cuddled up next to the  bowl, and occasionally checked the outhouse—just in case she missed an arrival.

It was heartbreaking to watch, knowing that she didn’t end up there on her own. Unlike the hoards of rural dogs in the area, she wasn’t roaming for fun or taking an afternoon adventure—Lula was scared and lonely. But, she knew that most of the time, cabins had people, food, and warmth—and she was intent on waiting it out.

As soon as she was able, the only rescuer in the area came to check on this sweet girl. In true bully-breed fashion, Lula wasn’t interested in the food, all she wanted was attention and love. She greeted the stranger with wiggles, wags and kisses—offering her paw and following her around, sitting submissively at every stop. The rescuer couldn’t leave her and decided to foster her on the spot until MABBR could help.

Lula Now…

Lu’s adventure has since taken her from the mountains of rural Arkansas to a foster home in KC, and she quickly became a MABBR FAVORITE!!!!

Lula is currently being fostering with a teenager, a playful 70lb  female pittie, and a grumpy small-breed senior dog. She is doing WONDERFULLY in her foster home and she is ready for a forever home!

She is great in the house and fully housebroken. While she enjoys snuggling up in her bed with a good chewy, she totally melts for human love and attention.

She is well-mannered, eager to please, and very friendly. She has the sweetest personality and will provide comic relief with her derpy facial expressions and one ear that has a mind of its own.

Curling up on the couch with her person/people is Lula’s dream come true. She would love nothing more than to be your companion and sidekick.

Notes from Lula’s foster home:

Lu is comfortable in the backyard and loves playing, but she is timid when outside in the world (for a simple walk in a park, sounds, birds, cars, etc.) – we are working on slowly exposing her to it, but it might take a bit for her to get more comfortable. She doesn’t care too much about treats, but needs attention (when we are at the park and sit on the bleachers, she climbs on my lap).
She is so sweet inside, and often very submissive – I wonder if it is because of her past. She would surely benefit from another dog at home to help build her confidence.

Security cam video of Lula after being dumped