In a foster home

2 years

Housebroken and crate trained

Good with kids

Good with dogs and cats.

Sponsor needed

Poppy, a sweet and perfect angel!

Poppy came all the way from Oklahoma where she was at a shelter which has a high euthanasia rate due to the high volume of stray animals. She was scared out of her mind and extremely underweight in a small kennel with her three 7-week old puppies. A foster for an organization in OK stepped in to help her and she was fostered with dogs and cats. This rescue needed help with Poppy and contacted MABBR.

Poppy made the drive from OK to KS and went directly into one of our fosters that also has dogs and cats! She kennels like a dream and gets along very well with 1 of her female foster dog siblings. Her and one of her female foster siblings are having some issues, but neither one is specifically to blame. They just aren’t compatible! Poppy is perfect with her foster cat sibling. Upon arriving to her foster home, Poppy was placed in a kennel to meet the cat. The cat walked right up to Poppy and booped her nose, Poppy was so excited for her new kitty friend! Despite the long journey, Poppy did amazing in the car. We are absolutely OBSESSED with this pretty gal. She is crate trained, house trained, dog friendly, kid friendly, cat friendly….She is perfectly perfect!
We are currently working through some potty issues that Poppy started having after a UTI was discovered. She is potty trained, but she tends to leak in her crate over night while she is sleeping. With a combination of Proin and a special food, her leaking appears to be under control. The vet says a surgery is possible (which MABBR would fund!) but the vet says that if Proin and a special food works for her, surgery is not necessary!
She is a young girl, around 2 years old and 50lbs looking for a family to be hers for forever. Could that be you?
P.S. Any Harry Potter fans out there? Tell us whether you think she looks like Dobby! Instead of a sock, Poppy needs a home to be a free elf.