Just keep swimming! Just keep swimming. Swimming, swimming, swimming…..  Oh hi there, I’m Dory and you guessed it, that’s my motto!  I’ve been through a lot already but I just keep swimming through because I know things will get better. I don’t know where my puppies went, I lost my home and my humans somehow and then I wound up in a shelter.   A lot of people really liked me there and got the word out that I needed out of there and that’s when MABBR stepped up and busted me outta there.

Dory is a stunning girl.  She has a very motherly nature with human kids and fur kids.  She can be a bit bossy but only when she thinks the situation calls for it.  She’s uber friendly and not shy about passing out the affection.  Give her a belly rub and you’ve got your new best friend.

Location – In boarding
[tab title=’Weight/Age’] 50 lbs, approx. 2 years old
House Manners – Housebroken and crate trained
Children – Good with kids
Other Pets – Good with dogs.  Cat tested and did well 
Sponsorship Status – Sponsored by Stacey Hsu