Meet Riggins! Born in early July, this little wiggleworm came into our program right around 12 weeks. He already makes great eye contact and is picking up some important obedience commands like sit, down, wait and kennel up. He’s handsome, with a dark gray coat and dark eyes to match, and will likely be on the bigger side around 60 or  70 lbs when full-grown. He’s currently enrolled in a puppy class and being fostered with two other male dogs and one female, so we’re making sure that he gets his fill of dog socialization. Riggins will need to go a home with breed, or large dog, experience that would like to continue working with him on training. From what we see already, he’d make a wonderful ambassadog by excelling at agility, flyball or maybe even doing search and rescue.


Location – In a foster home

[tab title=’Weight/Age’] 20 lbs at 14 weeks

House Manners – Working on housebreaking, crate trained

Children – Good with kids

Other Pets – Good with dogs

Sponsorship Status – No sponsor