In boarding

5 years

Housebroken and crate trained

Good with kids

Good with some dogs.  Cats unknown.

Sponsor needed

They named me Echo.  Funny name for a deaf dog, right?  Being hearing impaired doesn’t stop me from being a happy, outgoing girl.  I understand hand signals for sit, stay, down and come but could really benefit from someone who can teach me more ways to help them communicate with me.  I catch on pretty quick and always look to my person for guidance.

I absolutely love people and get the wiggles when it’s time for a walk.  Despite my challenge, I’m a good girl who always keeps her kennel clean.  I’m fond of a good belly crawl in the grass and long walks.  I love people so much that I want to keep them for myself.  No furry brothers or sisters for me, please.  I will settle for nothing less than being the queen of my castle.