In boarding

1.5 years

Housebroken and crate trained

Good with kids- rough player

Good with dogs and cats

Sponsor needed

Hi, I’m Scooch! I’m about 1 year old and just as sweet as can be. I’m at a boarding facility where I get to play with a buncha doggies and hang out with so many humans, I love it! My human friends say I’m such a good boy with biiiiiiiiig feelings and a biiiiiig personality. I’m pretty smart if I do say so myself. I would love a family of my own that let’s me play and learn. I promise I’m a good boy.

Dogs: Dog friendly! Is currently participating in playgroups with dogs

Cats: Cat friendly! Tested very well with feline friends… I got corrected by the tiny menace you humans worship… and I don’t know what I did wrong… but I wasn’t going to find out how da heck that kitty would punish me. I just left that thing alone!

Kids: Tiny humans are the best!!!!