In a foster home

1 year

Housebroken and crate trained

Good with kids

Good with dogs.  Not good with cats.

Sponsor needed

Penny was rescued from a hoarding situation in October of 2022. She is the picture of pitty perfection and obviously very pretty. She’s a tiny girl with natural, beautiful smoky eyes and a heart of gold. She bonds with her people and is a loyal friend. Penny is a show stopper wherever she travels. She’s come a long way since being placed in her foster home. In the morning, she patiently waits until mom says it is time to go outside for a nice walk and the rest of her day is spent with her foster mom working at home where she contemplates the universe. She loves her walks and is fabulous with other dogs.

From her foster mom:

Penny very much loves all people and warms up to them very easily with little to no anxiety.  She is very easy to bathe and is cooperative when getting her nails trimmed.  She’s not scared by loud sounds of any sort including fireworks and gunshots.

Penny sleeps through the night and is very quiet during the day with people working from home.

She loves to go for walks and can adjust to meet your need including a leisurely stroll where she’s allowed to smell her surroundings or staying focused to walk in a brisk pace.

Penny is excited to go for car rides although a bit anxious early on.  When the car begins to move, she does calm down.

Penny has done quite well in both doggy daycare and a large dog park with up to 27 other dogs.

Penny and a friend