In a foster home

1 year

Housebroken and crate trained

Good with kids

Good with dogs.  Good with cats.

Sponsor needed

Penny was rescued from a hoarding situation in October of 2022.   She is the picture of pitty perfection and obviously very pretty. Not only does she come with a natural, beautiful Smokey eyes she has a heart of gold and sticks to her foster mom like a piece of Velcro. She is a show stopper wherever she travels at only 45 pounds. She is current on all shots plus some heartworm medication and flea and tick. She has come so far since being placed in her foster home on October 6th and now can easily walk on a leash and only presents a challenge when distracted by wildlife or the children down the street which she loves. In these instances she becomes bolder and wants to enjoy the sights and sounds until she is ready to move. At night after her last walk she knows it is time for bed and heads right up to her half of the king size bed. There is never an accident in the house. In the morning she patiently waits until mom says it is time to go outside for a nice walk. She then very calmly spends the day with mom working at home either on her own sofa, her own recliner, or looking at one of the many windows. Occasionally she makes an on-camera appearance for colleagues around the world. She has become accustomed to walks during the day which gives both her and mom a break. By the time evening comes around, which she has determined is at 5:00 PM, she is ready to go outside for some running, some playing, or a trip to the dog park. When temperatures drop below 45 degrees, she is pampered with her own custom coat which mom insists on her wearing. Although she is offered food throughout the day, she is hesitant to eat until she can sit down and eat with her people. Mom occasionally spoils her with rice, freshly cooked chicken and veggies or fresh fruit. One of her favorite things to do is to stand at the freezer and wait for someone to pull out an ice cube, toss it across the wood floor where it skips onto the carpet, and she goes galloping after it like a deer. On Sunday afternoon she enjoys two hours at the dog park. She does not like to be left in her kennel or left by herself at home and shows signs of separation and confinement anxiety which we are working through. She is fabulous with other dogs, but cats she likes to play with and they do not much care to play. She loves to go for car rides but becomes easily excited so she has a car seat belt for the back. So shy would anyone give up such a wonderful dog, because she needs a friend and loves her too much to deny her what she needs!

Mom would like to stay in touch, make her a new coat as needed and even babysit her when needed.