Elliot - Pit Bull

Pet Peeves: Hmm, not much shakes me. I love everyone, and everything.
I do get nervous meeting new men, but I warm up very quickly!
Interests: Kids, food, PLAYING, food, dogs, food, people, food,
families, food, sleeping, food, being happy, food, wiggling, food,
walks, food and most of all TREATS!

Ideal Day: Ideal as in what I want or what would be best for me? I
would love a day to lay around at the dog park with treats everywhere.
My foster mom says I need to go on a little diet, so I don’t get as
many treats as the other dogs, but I do get to go to the dog park
pretty often and I get along with EVERYONE!!! I had a great time at
the Gay Pride event and met a ton of new people there too. If you want
a dog that can go in public with you to events, and busy areas, I AM

My Story:

Talk about a survivor! Elliott is the perfect example of the horrible
lives these dogs endure and how they don’t let it stop them from being
truly amazing. Elliott came into the shelter as a cruelty case. He was
so malnourished and starved that it is truly a miracle that he made it
at all….
But he did, and he certainly didn’t let his past change his positive
outlook on life and his love for all things. Elliott is AMAZING!! Look
how far this gorgeous guy has come!! Not only is he stunning, but his
personality is even better. Elliott loves EVERYTHING! His happy smile
tells all about his sweet loving personality.

Elliott deserves the best of everything from here on out. We thought
he had found his forever home as he was adopted almost a year ago, but
because of an unstable family life, he was returned. It really breaks
our hearts for him, he deserves better.

Thankfully Elliott’s prior foster home stepped right back up and took
back into their home. He’s waiting again for his true forever family
to find him.

About Me:

Elliot is perfect. There are very few rescue dogs that you can say
that about, and he is one of them. For the past year he has lived in a
home with a small child and an infant. He was in a home while they
were approved for an adoption and the adoption coordinator took
special note of how good he was with the children. He has ZERO
aggression towards anything and loves everyone. He is completely house
trained, has great manners and loves to go on long leash walks. He
loves the dog park and any area where he can meet new people. He has a
playful streak, so he is best matched with another dog that he can
play with.