Hubba hubba! Kane is a handsome, fun loving, and spunky adolescent dog who would thrive in an active home with a family where someone could to do some obedience work with him. He might be too much for really tiny kids because of his exuberance but if irresistible goofballs are your thing, look no further. He will do well with a canine companion but he likes to chase squirrels so cats are probably not in his future.
Kane’s greater desire is to be loved. He came to the rescue after his owners decided he was too big to play with his dog siblings. Kane was moved from the comforts of a home to a lonely and cold place outside. He is timid of people he doesn’t know and needs a family who can be patient as they teach Kane that people are trustworthy and loving. Kane is very smart – he sits for his food and treats, he easily goes into his crate, he is housebroken, and stays off the furniture unless invited up, he doesn’t beg for human food, is gentle when taking his treats, and more! Above all else, Kane loves to be petted. Kane is learning to not jump on people to get love, learning to stay, and learning to only chew on his toys. He’s a young dog and additional training will go a long way. Kane needs exercise like every dog. He does entertain himself in the yard as he throws in the air his toy and then runs the yard with it in his mouth.

Kane is a funny and vocal dog. Sometimes he snores while he is awake. He makes a noise, like a whine when he puts himself to bed – as if to say ‘I don’t wanna go to bed!’ He is full of expressions and all of them are too cute for words. Kane is a beautiful and loving dog waiting to unleash his happiness in his forever home. Will you be the one to help bring Kane back into a family and cherish him the way he deserves? Kane will be a great dog with a family he trusts. ****

Location – Needs a foster home
Weight – 60 lbs.
House Manners – Housebroken and crate trained
Children – Good with kids
Other Pets – Good with all dogs and cats
Sponsorship Status – Sponsored by Ginger Barr