Baby’s owners were forced by their landlord to rehome her. Now 2 years old, they had Baby since she was 8 weeks old. They were going to have to surrender her to a shelter in a tiny little town where she would sit indefinitely because this shelter doesn’t have the resources to get the dogs in their care the exposure they need to get adopted. So a few KC organizations stepped in were able to find a place in rescue for 37 dogs from that shelter. Being a pit bull, we knew Baby would have the hardest time finding a new home, so we made room for her. At first, she was confused and unsure of why she was in a new place with people she didn’t know. It took her a little while to be comfortable in her foster home but now Baby and her foster brother are the best of friends. We were told that she loves to get her nails painted, she is very good with kids and works well on leash. We’re just getting to know her but we already know she’s a great dog with lots of love to give. Location – In a foster home
Weight – 50 lbs.
House Manners – Housebroken and crate trained
Children – Good with kids
Other Pets – Good with dogs and cats
Sponsorship Status – Sponsor Needed