In a foster home

Housebroken and crate trained

Good with kids

Good with dogs and cats

Sponsor needed

“Are they going to like me? Oh…..I don’t think they are going to like me.  Do you think they’ll want to adopt me?”  One look into those kind, soulful eyes and we think you will.

Meet Knox!  Just a little under a year old, he’s a handsome, shy guy that is growing braver with each day and new adventure. Long sniffs in the woods make his tail wag. He needs to learn about the world and it’s obvious he cannot wait to know what the good life is.  He has a playful side and enjoys playing with his foster sister who likes to be the boss.  He isn’t picky in regards to food or treats and he has already caught on that he has his dish and his foster sister has hers.   While at home you may find him sleeping in bed or chewing on his toys entertaining himself, he likes the company of humans but doesn’t need to follow you all over as long as he knows you are there.  We are currently working on acceptance that his human may need to be away from time to time.  He would be a great dog if you work from home or can take him to work with you. He is perfectly content as long as you are near.  Knox has discovered that he loves to run and would be a great jogging partner.