Mathilda - Pit Bull

Location –
Mathilda is in a foster home.
Thank you Alison and Bryan!

Weight –
45-50 lbs.

House Manners –
Mathilda has excellent house manners!

Children –
Mathilda is great with kids

Other Pets –
Mathilda is fostered with several other dogs and cats and she does excellent with all of them.

Sponsorship Status –
Mathilda is sponsored by Alison S.

Nicknames: Tilly, Tilda

About being a Mom:

It’s obvious that Tilly was bred until she just couldn’t breed anymore
and then abandoned. I can’t even imagine her previous life. She must
have been almost constantly pregnant. Then she would have had to stand by while her puppies were ripped away from her to go on to, most likely, not such great lives. It’s heartbreaking. Through all of this
Mathilda has maintained such dignity and such a love of life, not to
mention a great sense of humor. She has truly been a gift and I feel
privileged to know her. There is a certain richness in the mama dogs.
It’s a warmth and wisdom that is instantly recognizable. Ms Tilly has
this warmth and wisdom in spades.

I am also lucky enough to live with Lola, a MABBR alumni mama, that I
adopted in February of 2007. She is the absolute love of my life and
shares the same warmth that Tilly has. Lola and Tilly are the best of
friends and often I think I see them exchanging knowing glances while
dealing with rambunctious young’ns. It’s almost like an exclusive
club. I, for one, am a huge fan of the mama dogs. They have so much to
offer and should never be overlooked.

Bio: Mathilda is an old soul, one look in her eyes and you know she’s seen it all. She’s a very sweet girl that has just never been loved, but she sure knows what it is and wants it so badly.

She’s a very dignified lady that was used for not so dignified purposes and deserves to have the world revolve around her now. She’s made enough babies and it’s her turn to be babied.

Mathilda gets along great with other dogs and for the most part ignores cats. She is SO eager to please and wants to be by your side at all times. She knows sit and is extremely gentle with taking treats and will come to you at any beckoning. She’s very astute at getting attention, she’ll work her nose under your hand and flip your hand to her head for pets and lovings. At that point, you can’t refuse! Her beautiful brown eyes will draw you right in.

She’s more than content to snuggle into the couch for a night of movies and then retire to her kennel for the night, though I’m sure she’s not opposed to your warm bed either!

Mathilda is just waiting to heave that sigh of relief that comes with finding a forever home and knowing that she’ll be warm and safe forever. Don’t make her wait any longer, she’s spent too much time being lonely.