Helloooooooooooo! At 16 weeks old, I’m still a baby, but let me tell you what, I’ve seen and heard so much already! I have been to college, I’ve been to shopping malls and parades, I have met lots of people and things and am a very well-adjusted boy. At my tender age, I could medal in Olympic Cuddling, if that were ever such a sport (why isn’t it!). I’m a fast learner and crate trained. I am about 90% potty trained and still working on that, but making great strides. I like to play and enjoy chew toys and roughhousing with other dogs (followed by a nice nap!). I’m super excited about meeting my forever family, which hopefully includes kids and other pets because I love both! Location – In a foster home
[tab title=’Weight/Age’] `5 lbs. approximately 2-3 months old
House Manners – Housebroken, crate trained
Children – Good with kids
Other Pets – Good with dogs and cats
Sponsorship Status – Sponsor needed