In a foster home

1 1/2 years

Housebroken and crate trained

Good with kids

Good with dogs.  Cats unknown.

Sponsor needed

Hi, my name’s Nash. As in rhymes with Cash, like Johnny – and I’m just as cool as he was. In fact, my foster mom and I want to use his songs to help you learn a little more about me:

Folsom Prison Blues – Let’s be clear, I did not shoot a man in Reno for any reason, including just to watch him die. However, I found myself in a sort of dog prison. (No offense intended, but let’s face it, a noisy boarding facility is kind of like a dog’s version of prison.) I’m super happy to be out of that place and in a home with a yard that I love running around in and nice sofas to cuddle on!

I Walk the Line – Because I want to please my foster mom so badly, and at least for now she is mine, I am walking the line. No pottying in the house, no begging for food and no tearing up stuff that isn’t mine. I’m working on being someone’s forever dog. I keep a close watch on this heart of mine, and hers, so I walk the line.

Highwayman – I am a highwayman and along every road I must ride. I love car rides and I especially love to ride shotgun. I run to the garage as soon as Mom picks up her purse. And sometimes, after a car ride, I don’t want to get out of the car. I am a highwayman.

I’ve Been Everywhere – Just like Johnny, who’s been everywhere, I’ve been to Petco, Longview Lake, Sonic, Tractor Supply, Prairie Lee Lake, Whataburger and more! Well, maybe I haven’t been everywhere yet, but I’m working on it. Mom says I have been very good on our field trips. So she will take me everywhere!

A Boy Named Sue – I got nothing on this one. My name is Nash, which rhymes with Cash, not Sue.

Ring of Fire – I know Johnny’s song is about falling in love and how it burns, burns, burns, the ring of fire. In fact, he and June made that a very famous song. However, my ring of fire is a little different and it’s called JB – foster mom’s Jack Russell (just why?). And he is certainly the devil reincarnated. Talk about breathing fire. For a little guy, he sure is possessive, obnoxious, territorial and what a dramatic pouter. I ignore him and stay away from things I know he likes. And by the way, I know his “secret” hiding place is under Mom’s bed. Really, how original is that?

Man in Black – So Johnny wore black for the poor and beaten down living on the hopeless, hungry side of town. Dogs don’t wear clothes (please, don’t put me in anymore Halloween costumes). But if I did, I would wear black, because there are so many dogs hungry and cold like I was and who haven’t even made it to a rescue organization yet. Let alone, to a foster home.

One Piece at a Time – In this Johnny Cash classic, he sings about using his lunchbox to steal auto parts out of a factory in order to build his dream black Cadillac. I like this song because on a personal level, it describes my eating habits. I don’t like just dry, bland dog food. I prefer it be mixed with canned food. And then I proceed to eat it just one piece at a time, very slowly, savoring every bite. Don’t you humans like to enjoy your meals too?

So that’s me, Nash, rhymes with Cash. Schedule a meet and greet with me. Maybe we can go to Jackson – and mess around?