In boarding

2 years

Housebroken and crate trained

Good with kids

Good with dogs.  Cats unknown.

Sponsor needed

The master of the Smolder, Ryder!

Ryder is a typical goofball.  He likes to snuggle with his friends, enjoys enrichment or a good play session with a pal. Ryder loves people and thrives when in the presence of his favorite humans. He enjoys getting snuggles but he is perfectly content chilling by his humans while they do other things. Ryder is everyone’s dream walker and he is amazing on leash.

Ryder is currently in boarding which is often a very stressful environment. He is highly aroused inside the kennel but as soon as he is outside, away from all the loud noises and intense smells, he is instantly chill. It’s like night and day for him! Whether he is going outside for a quick potty break or a play session with humans or other dogs, that’s where he is most content.

We aren’t sure about cats or kids due to the fact that we haven’t seen him around either yet!  But he loves humans so we don’t think kids would be an issue for him. He is a deceivingly large fella, so he might overwhelm a kiddo that isn’t used to big dogs.  He has seen many cats during his walks and he pays no mind to them so living with a cat may be a possibility! Ryder is a sweet gentleman that would be so easy to love when his humans finally find him.  Could that be you? Adopt Ryder!