Sassy - Pit Bull

Update 7/3/08

Breed Specific Legislation tears apart yet another family

A family already dealing with raising two mentally handicapped children was dealt a major blow when the mother was diagnosed with a terminal illness. The father was then forced to be caregiver to all three other members of his family. The family’s only saving grace was the joy and comfort of their two Pit Bulls, Sassy and Pie. The mother/daughter dog duo had a double dose of love to share, especially for the children.

Suddenly, tragedy hit again. While they were still reeling from the news of the mother’s illness, the city where they lived passed BSL. The father was not able to handle two handicapped teenagers, a terminally ill wife, and fight a city enacting ineffective legislation at the same time. The emotional and financial burden was unbearable. With all that was going on in his life, he failed to meet a deadline to register Sassy and Pie with the city, so he was forced to surrender them to Animal Control.

Over a year has passed, and Sassy and Pie still don’t have a permanent home. I’m sure their family never imagined that it would take so long to find them a new home. Quite frankly, neither did we. We know that people are very hesitant to adopt older dogs, and especially a pair. But believe it or not, these self sufficient gals help take care of each other. It has been a confusing and scary time for them. Sassy (the mother) is about 10 yrs old. You would never guess that she is as old as she is (other than the little middle age spread!). She loves to chase a ball in the yard, or just sunbathe. If circumstances force the girls to be separated, she would do better with a submissive male companion. Pie (the daughter) is about 6 years old. She does fine with other dogs, but would really enjoy a stable, loving family with children to play with. Pie is sometimes a shy young lady. However as soon as she sees kids, her eyes light up and you can tell that she would love to go home with them.

Can you find it in your heart and home to provide these ladies an opportunity to show you how much they love you?