Pit Bull - Stubby

Petite Stubby was found running at large in a local town. Life has not been kind to him at all — he is full of old scars, newer wounds, has heartworms, and according to a couple veterinarians, is one of the most shutdown dogs they have ever encountered. He has, for lack of better canine terminology, post-traumatic stress disorder and is completely shellshocked. He is currently getting homecooked meals, medicine to make him feel better, and learning to be a dog. The process is very slow and he will need the most patient of owners. Surprisingly, despite the physical and substantial emotional scars, he seems to enjoy the company of other dogs- a very wonderful thing. It’s hard to say if he was used as a bait dog, confined to an area where he received no socialization but was physically abused, if he was fought, used for breeding, a combination of all these things, or worse. We are consulting veterinary specialists and trainers to get the best help we can for Stubby. If you would like to contribute to his financial care, please send us an email. We will provide updates on his care.

Location –
Foster Home

Weight –
40-45 lbs.

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