Atreyu - Pit Bull

Dear Suzanne,

We have had Atreyu since August now and we couldn’t be happier. He is the best dog I have ever had. He is so well behaved and eager to please. He’s a little spoiled, maybe more than the other dogs. I just want him to have the best life possibly however long that may be. For 11 years old he is in extrememly good shape and he has tons of energy. He gets to sleep in our room on his bed which he prefers to be right in front of the heater vent. He will move it around wherever he feels like putting it. I’m pretty sure that while we are gone he is in our bed though. He’s sneaky like that. Car rides are one of his favorite things. He is so easy that I take him with me most places. He is perfectly content to wait in the car. Every time I come home he is there to greet me with a wagging tail and he is ready to give kisses. He is super friendly to everyone who comes over and anytime we have company he wants them to give him lot’s of attention. He does great with the other dogs. Some of them try to start stuff with him sometimes but for the most part he just wants to get along.
He has been one of the best things that has ever happened to me. I just can’t believe how lucky I am to have him. I try to make everyday his best, and I think he’ll be around for a while. It’s easy to forget how old he is and I try not to think about it. We live day to day as fully and happily as possible. I just can’t get over how happy he makes me. I am head over heals in love with him.

Thank you again for noticing him and giving him a chance. He has too much to offer to have been dumped the way that he was.

Jennifer, Matt and Atreyu