Solomon - American Bulldog

Solomon was found eating out of dumpsters and trashcans on a busy highway. He was underweight and eaten so badly by fleas that he had open sores in several places on his body.

Despite what he has been through, Solomon seems to be completely forgiving. He is a beautiful boy who absolutely loves attention and praise and is happy just to lie beside you no matter what you are doing. Solomon’s foster mom says he is an absolute joy to watch because he loves life so much and seems to know that he has been rescued.

There is no doubt that he will be forever grateful to the loving person who gives him a permanent home. Solomon loves to play ball and fetch, knows some basic commands, and is housetrained. Although Solomon is a young dog, he has the calm presence of an “old soul” and seems to be very wise for his young years. He is a magnificent dog, both inside and out, and is just waiting for someone to take him home forever.