Captain Jack - Pitbull

I’ve found that new place to stow my gear. A port called Blue Springs. The mistress of fate has surely shined her light on me, to end up in a place whose very name reminds me of the ocean I used to sail. Are you with me, Love? I’m takin’ ‘em all unawares. I’m trainin’ a new crew, in hopes of heading out on the water again soon. Sound the alert lad…there’s a full moon on the horizon, and there’s no looking back!

Yours truly,

Jack (although I suspect I’ll have to change my name to protect the innocent)

Note from Jack 8/24/2007


It’s me, Jack. Now that I’m no longer in charge, my title of Captain has been dropped. I’m logging in with a much overdue update. I’ve still got to admit that “it’s a pirate’s life for me”! I’ve had the wind knocked out of me sails a couple times lately. This thing you call a privacy fence, is as unforgiving as being slammed against the mast of the ship in a gale. I hate these pesky squirrels that taunt me from the rigging above. If this fence was any lower than 12 heads high…I’d be gone in a flash. I’ve not caught the smell of the sea, nor felt it’s spray, so I suspect that I’m pretty far inland.

I gave up havin’ my own bunk. The straws were drawn, and I now share with the rest of the crew. It was a nice trade to have a “temperature controlled” room with soft blankets. I never even get up in the night to take a leak (you could never say “leak” on the ship-bad omen, savvy?). I sleep as late as I like, ’til the aroma of chow fills the air. I’m in perfect physical health. I go out to the exercise yard to work up a sweat for a bit, then I come in and feast. Most of my day is spent lounging, and listening to my favorite singing pirates The Jolly Rogers. I’m serious Love, check them out at the Ren Fest starting Labor Day weekend.

It’s beyond me, but I’ve come to the harsh realization that I have a look that not everyone adores. Is it the eyeliner, Babe? Well, I want you to know that in spite of it, I’m still a manly man. I no longer cringe when they say “walk”, cause I realize now that it’s not the plank they’re talking about. I like to play ball and run. Some say I’m a “chick magnet”. Call me what ya want, but the girls are on me like a shark on chum!

I’m looking for a fur-ever place to hang my hat. Can you help a mate out?
Yours truly,


Note from Jack 8/7/2007

Avast ye Mateys! Captain Jack is back at the wheel!

It was treacherous sailing for the better part of a fortnight. Sirens haunted my feverish dreams. They filled my veins with fluid, and dabbed my parched lips, as they kept me locked in the brig. But where was the rum?! A couple o’ nights I was a feared that I would meet the infamous Davy Jones. As my fever broke, I realized that I owe my good health to the generosity of natives from near and afar. By all outward appearances, I’ll soon be right as rain. I’ll always have a yearning to explore, but my mind is set to be a landlubber. I swear on the pirate’s code, that I am ready to give it a try! Once again, I implore you to jump on this opportunity love, or you will always remember this as, the day you ALMOST got Captain Jack! Savvy?

Update 8/7/07 The good Captain is still taking his daily oral antibiotic. He has gained soo much strength the last 2 days. He’s making an amazing comeback! His cough is nearly non-existent, but he does still have a few sneezing spells. He has a voracious appetite, and is really bulking up. I knew that he was handsome, but I didn’t realize how much so, until he got to feeling better. Now, his coat really shines!

I think he will be ready to go to his fur-ever home soon…so let the applications begin!

As Foster Mom, I’d like to personally say “Thank you to everyone who contributed to his care, either monetarily, or through thoughts and prayers.”

URGENT: Captain Jack ended up on our doorstep and was never claimed. Captain Jack is suffering from a severe chest infection which has progressed to pneumonia. He is currently in the emergency vet receiving 24hr fluids through IV’s. To save his life will be another $700-900 expense. This poor soul is very worth this, but we need your help to be able to afford it.

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My Story:

Captain Jack is a mix who was found wandering in Independence (where as you know, they have stringent BSL guidelines). He was transported to a temporary, short term foster, while a foster home or boarding could be arranged. No one claimed Jack the 2 weeks he was here, but there is no doubt that he has been someone’s pet. He is 100% housebroken. No accidents or territorial marking in the house! He got along nicely with the foster’s 15lb terrier. They played well with toys, and he was not at all food aggressive. He does not get on the furniture, unless he’s invited, but he’s nervous and quickly retreats to the floor. He absolutely LOVES to play with a tennis ball. He will fetch, or catch, until he’s worn out. He’d make an excellent outfielder for the Royals, ‘cause he rarely misses that ball coming down! If someone had time to work with him, I think he could be a great Frisbee dog too. He knows the commands “sit” and “shake”, and we’re working on “off/down”, and “kennel up”. He’s very treat motivated to perform! He responds well to a firm “no” or “unh-unh”. He does need some leash work. We found that a Weiss Walkie gave us much more control with him.

He likes to ride in the car. He immediately nudges the window so that you’ll put it down. He likes to let his ears flap in the wind. *Warning* if the window is open too far, he will try to go out the moment you stop. He will also VERY nonchalantly step over a chain link fence that is less than 4’ high. Just the last few days he has exhibited some separation anxiety issues while kenneled.

He is a big, lover boy. A little stingy with his kisses, but lots of smiles! He is an excellent watch dog. He alerts you most of the time without barking. He is not an overly vocal dog, but he will sound the alarm if and when an unannounced guest comes into your house(just ask my husband)!

Note from Captain Jack:

Captain Jack’s my name, love.

My crew, unbeknownst to me, was a scurvy bunch of mutineers. They pulled anchor as I slept (or maybe I was passed out!) and let our ship drift. I was stripped of my tags, ergo my identity. I was forced to unceremoniously walk the plank. I escaped with my life, but why is the rum gone?! I was plucked from the briny drink by the cookie of a passing ship. He stowed me in the galley, due to something called BSL. I did use wit and trickery to escape on a few occasions, so now I’m doing a stint in the brig. That mouthy little monkey who guards the keys, is not good company for a man of my countenance. I’ve learned that swearing and rattling the bars, do not earn me any favors with my hosts. Sometimes, with only the light of the moon to guide us, we sail. I have been privy to feel the wind and the ocean’s spray on my face, as I hung my head out the porthole on the starboard side of the vessel. Idle hours spent away from my own ship, have given me a chance to reflect. Maybe, it’s time for me to earn an honest living. I’m very civilized in many ways. My grooming is impeccable. I maintain my sinewy figure through daily workouts. Although, I’m considered a savage by many, my exceptional manners make me worthy of dining at the Governor’s table. I would graciously accept his hospitality (especially, if there’s rum!), and repose on his finest linens! If you’re looking for a new first mate…Jump on this opportunity love, or you will always remember this as, the day that you ALMOST got Captain Jack! Savvy?