Dawson - Pitbull

Dawson is SO adorably cute. He captured my heart the minute that I saw him.

This boy is so full of life and love that we are really hoping he will be noticed by a caring family who will welcome him home.

Dawson is extremely loving and a very responsive young dog. He has no idea that he nearly lost his life in a kill shelter.
This boy is WONDERFUL!! He is so sweet and so eager to please. He will make nearly any home a terrific lifetime companion. He wants nothing more than to be cuddled and played with by a caring person. His whole face lights up when he sees a new person coming by.

Dawson just recently made it into foster care where he is getting the love and attention he has so longed for. He is truly a terrific boy. We just can’t say enough good things about him. He’s is very laid back and we can’t imagine that anyone wouldn’t immediately love him enough to keep him forever. This is one good boy!