Grumpy - Pitbull

Grumpy was rescued with his siblings off of deathrow. Help came too late for their mama, but thankfully we were in time to help them.

Don’t let the name fool you – Grumpy is anything but! He is a happy go lucky guy who has never met a stranger 2 or 4 legged. Grumpy is fostered with 2 adult dogs and a toddler. He does well with all of them, but he is still very much puppy. Sometimes in his excitement he forgets it is not polite to jump. He is awesome in his crate and is doing well with housetraining. Grumpy is also learning the commands sit, down, kennel, outside, and drop it. He is a very smart boy who will do just about anything for food. He is full of puppy energy and loves to run, but he is also full of love. Grumpy favorite place is laying at your feet or (preferably) curled up next to you.