Sully - Pitbull

Sully is now safe in boarding, but he needs help he needs to find a home, foster home or sponsor soon.

Sully is named after the monster character on Monster’s Inc.. Like Sully in the movie, this boy is feared and had little options simply because of what breed he is. It’s very sad, because in truth this little guy is just a sweet teady-bear. Sully is a 9 month old male who is veeeery friendly. He loves everyone he meets and even does well with other dogs and cats. He’s housetrained too.
Sully has a great personality and is very full of life. He is very much still a puppy and needs a home that is prepared to work with him and teach him good manners. Sully most likely came from an abusive situation. He shows signs of being a little hand shy and is fearful of loud noises and fast movements. He needs someone patient and caring to let him know that no one is ever going to hurt him again. Whatever his ordeal was though, it sure hasn’t changed his happy-go-lucky spirit! Sully has a zest for life and a great love for people. He is very smart and we think he will do excellent with positive leadership. He will make some lucky home a great companion!