Paja - Pitbull/Mastiff

Talk about STUNNING! Paja and her sister Pizzazz are two of the most beautiful dogs I’ve seen in a long time. Their beauty is truly breath taking.

Paja was dumped by her “family” when they had to move…..they abandoned her and Pizzazz in a kill shelter after they’d spent their lives being faithful friends….

Paja and Pizzaz are very BIG girls. They are 1/2 Pit Bull and 1/2 Mastiff. At a year and a half of age we don’t expect they’ll get much bigger. Paja has found a wonderful foster home!! We are so happy for her. She is now fostered in a loving home with children and she adores them. She is proving to be an excellent house guest with very good manners. Her foster home adores her.

Paja has an EXCELLENT disposition. She is quite gentle and very sweet. She looooves attention and simply wants a committed and loving home.

We believe Paja will make a wonderful life long companion.