Darla Doodle - Poodle

So how does a poodle mix make it into bully rescue? Well Ms. Darla has quite the story. This adorable little thing was actually run over by a city vehicle infront of one of our volunteers. They rushed out to help her when they saw this poor girl hit. Sadly as she watched the truck pulled away and left Ms. Darla where she lay…..

We couldn’t let this poor helpless darling suffer in pain, so she was promptly taken to the vet and treated for her injuries. Thankfully nothing was broken and after several days on IV’s and fluids, Darla was released from the veterinarian. We posted lost dog information about her, but no one came forward to claim her….so that’s how a Poodle makes it into Bully Breed rescue.

We’re extatic to have this little sweetheart in our program. She is very friendly and a total dream of a girl. How can anyone resist that face?