Joni - Rottweiler

JoJo is still searching for a wonderful home where she will get to be the center of your world! She is loving and up for any adventure you may have planned. She loves going for walks- a daily outing for her- and thinks riding in the car is a most wonderful event. She will ride nicely in the back, but has been known to crawl into the front seat after you get out (she’s simply keeping your place warm but I know she would drive if she could). Joni has met a few cats and smelled them up close and did fine, but if a cat was running in front of her, it might be a different story! She is responsive though so we won’t totally rule it out. She would do very well and be her best as an only dog, but could possibly live with a large male who could tolerate and welcome rough play. She will still need to be supervised though but does pretty well with the three other dogs she lives with now. She is crated when her people leave and does fine with her Nylabone and peanut butter filled Kong and has her blankets. She has experience with the squirt bottle (i.e. when she needs to be disciplined she gets a squirt and understands what that means). On the other hand, she will happily go into the bathroom, get into the tub and wait there! Thankfully, she doesn’t mind getting baths, and if she is getting completely wet- she likes the water hose too- then it’s no big deal. Maybe a kiddie pool would be something she would enjoy. She is quite a character and an entertainer. She can be dramatic, too. Sometimes when she’s being a bit mischievous and knows you are trying to be serious, she will prance around and be goofy, as if she knows that will work. Then on other occasions when she is wanting to do her own thing and you call her over to you, she will hang her head down like a broke-down dog and play the pathetic-card. Sometimes she acts sad and isn’t and will run and play a second later, like she is trying to get attention- if she were human she would definitely be an actress! She is still a lap dog and will sit on your feet to make sure you know she is there. She is a good girl and needs a good owner. Please consider our Gwenyth Paltrow wannabe. :)