My name is Roxie, or as my foster mom likes to call me, The Roxinator. I am young and full of life, I love to run around in my foster mom and dads fenced in yard and chase squirrels. I’m a one-woman man kinda gal (the four legged kind that is) who likes to snuggle on the couch and take naps. I’ve been call an aggressive snuggler more than once, but no worries, that’s all the aggression I have in me! I can sit, lay down and half-way roll over (any more than half-way and it’s too hard to rub my belly) I will go in my kennel without a fight, especially if there’s a biscuit in my future! I have a foster brother that’s okay but he’s a rowdy puppy (annoying!) and a foster sister but we don’t see eye to eye (like I said, one woman man kinda gal) and I also have a foster cat…he’s alright, I do my thing, he does his (I suspect, he doesn’t like dogs). I would love to come to your house and snuggle on your couch and give you silly pit bull smiles when you get home!

If Roxie and her foster sister can form a truce her foster family would love to keep her but we’re still listing her as available to make sure she gets all the opportunities she needs to find her forever home.


Location –
Foster Home YES

Weight –
50-60 lbs.

House Manners –
Potty trained YES

Children –
Good with children YES

Other Pets –
Good with dogs and cats

Sponsorship Status –
Sponsored by Kim Touzinsky