Pixie - Whippet mix

Adorable cute Pixie needs your help!! This pretty little pup is in a kill shelter ;-(

She will run out of time very soon if a home or foster home isn’t found for her. Pixie really deserves a family. She is an adorably sweet little puppy and she shouldn’t be stuck in a shelter where she could loose her life…..
Pixie is a very petite little girl. She is still very young and has a lot of growing to do, but I don’t expect her to be very big as an adult. She is slender and has a very graceful little prance when she runs. She’s very dainty and feminine….like a little pixie, hense her name ;-)

Pixie has an adorable personality. She is very happy and outgoing. She is very social already and looooves to meet people. The second that I met her she wanted to cover me in puppy kisses. Pixie is in a run at the shelter with several other dogs and she really enjoys their company. She’s getting lots of socialization and would do excellent in a home with a male dog or even cats!

Pixie really deserves a forever home . Please help her before it’s too late.