Mix - Tilda

Sweet and petite! Little Tilda comes to us by way of the shelter. When she was found she had a severely broken jaw and required surgery that removed the front inch or so of her bottom jaw. As a result she also lost her bottom front teeth. If you asked her she’d swear she didn’t know what you were talking about! This girl is spunky and so much fun! You can tell by her pictures that she doesn’t have the time to sit still when she could be exploring and playing. At a whopping 30 lbs it’s amazing that tiny body can contain such a big personality! Looking for a pocket pittie to hang with a lotta character? This is your girl!

Location –
Tilda is currently in a foster home.

Weight –
30 lbs.

House Manners –

Children –
Good with children

Other Pets –
Tilda does NOT like cats, we’re learning about other dogs now.

Sponsorship Status –
Sponsor Needed